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Pak Taksi

credit : KepalaJamuran@Youtube

SNSD no facebook, no twitter n no cyworld

akhirnya pihak sm mengeluarkan statement kalw anak2 snsd itu gx punya fb, twitter dan cyworld so semua account anak2 snsd itu hanya kerjaan para fans doank…kasian bgt y anak2 snsd beda ma anak2 suju….

so ada yang bilang kalw mereka gx mau mendukung para sunbae mereka, gimana mau dukung pake cyworld wong mereka gx punya koq….so semua account ttg snsd itu hanya fictiv so jangan mudah percaya y….

2:04 Generation’s Summer Dance Special!

pasangan minggu lalu setelah MBC Music Core memperlihatkan aksi 2:04PM, kali ini saingan mereka, SBS Inkigayo menampilkan aksi 2:04 Generation, kalil ini 2pm, 4minute dan girls; generation bergabung tuk menyanyikan lagu musim panas dari tahun 90an.

4Minute menampilkan cool’s 1997 dengan lagu “Woman on the Beach”, sedangkan 2pm yang diwakili oleh Taechon dan Wooyoung yang juga co-host di inkigayo menampilkan jived to DUEX’s 1994 dengan hits “In Summer”, dan SNSD menampilkan Roo’ra’s 1996 single “3! 4!”, with Roo’ra dan mereka bergabung dengan 2pm dan 4minute sampai akhir acara



Filming for the SBS KJE Chocolate show took place earlier today and information / photos from the show are being released. Why were the SNSD / Girls’ Generation members crying in the photos? Because the girls made various messages for their mothers on the show, and some of the girls mothers even showed up to greet the girls. Because of their busy schedules and some having their family over in America, it’s very difficult for the members to see their family members.

Crying isn’t all that happened on the show, the girls also put on a showcase for all the members in the audience. The girls performed both “Genie” and “Etude.” The girls had a dance battle, dancing to “Womanizer” and “Holla Back Girl.” Hyeoyeon had a sizzlin’ solo dance session. Seohyun played “Gee” on a piano and Yoona, Sunny Tiffany, Jessica sang the first half of the song A capella. The rest of the girls came out during the second half of “Gee” and the song turned into a rock version. SNSD also had a interview session where they were asked which fanclub they would join and they answered SHINee and 2PM. Judging from the photos below and the information released it looks like it’s going to be an interesting show and I hope that it airs soon.