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Elliot Richards, a man have life very bored and all his the friends in the office very hated him because he always give joke bored and all friends call him stupid man. He have someone special in his heart, she is Allison Gardner. Her one office with Elliot, but Elliot never talks with her and he knows all about her. Because one accident he meet with the devil. The Devil make agreement she can grant a wish 7 his wish but in the end of his wish, he must give his soul to the devil and he must signature appointment.

After he signature appointment he cant get his wish, He must say I wish, if he want to make his wish and if he cancel his wish he must crush 666 from the red remote. first wish he say “ I wish I married with Allison, Rich, and hold the power” and suddenly all he want happen, he get all he want but all fast become different Allison hate him, his international cocaine mafia and he treason with his worker.

After the wish are fail, second wish he make and the second wish he say, “I wish can be a man with sensitive emotional in the world” and he wish happen like he cry if look sunset, make draw Allison fast, create song about dolphin etc, Allison bored and her leave his with a man her meet in beach. And the third he wish “ I wish I have good shape body, rich, tall, athlete, have much fans and handsome”, and his wish happen his like Michele Jordan and be basketball playing professional, but Allison before her know about Elliot love his so much and after her look private Elliot, he doesn’t love his again and her leave Elliot.

And after the third fail, he make forth wish and his say “I wish I can be novel author subdue” and the wish happen, he in 20 century and be one of the author famous but he gays. After he wishes forth fail, his make fifth wish and the fifth wish, he says “I wish I become American president”, same like all he wish, he become president Abraham licolyn and its time he died. And same like all he wish fail. After all he wish fail, he protest to the devil, he won’t 2 wish again but he wish he won’t to meet with the devil the calculate with he wish and leave 1 wish he have.

Elliot very confuses and his sharing with catholic priest but the catholic priest thinks his crazy and his call police. In the police office and he tell about what happen with his in few day ago and he want to the police officer also he can in prision few day. In prision he meet with some man and the man say “you’re soul not you’re min but god have you’re soul and if you want to free with the devil you must open mind and opened thinking. After get speech he does all the man say.

After out from the prision, he goes to the devil place and he will refuse all he wishes, but the devil has more idea, the devil take him to hot fire and he must say last wish and he say “ I wish Allison always happy” and he fall. Suddenly he in ladder, the devil come and help him to stand and she say “We agreement is canceled because if you not egoistic so you’re agreement with me is cancelled.” after that Elliot become different, he can talk with Allison well but Allison refuse him because she have dating with someone and he become serious with his friends, he life very happy and he get a new neighbor and became he girlfriend because they have hobbies same.

in this film I get lesson about life like, all people different, something joke is not make all people happy, all you get instants can’t hold out long and if you want something you must try and don’t give up and that will make you happy long.