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Curhat dikit

udah lama ga update my personal blog ~~

Karena sibuk kuliah, sibuk diberbagai blog, sibuk bermalas-malasan dll membuat gw jarang untuk mengupdate blog gw, sekarang gw lagi bersih-bersih blog gw yang dah gw bangun sejak maret 2009. sebenarnya gw sangat suka menulis berbagai hal yang menurut gw bagus tapi lebih banyak copas aja sih~~

gw harap bisa update blog ini dengan beberapa stuff yang menarik hati gw~~ hahahaha


U-Kiss reveals I Can Do It MV

It’s been a while since we’ve heard some new music from U-Kiss, but finally there’s something new for the fans!

The boys have recently released the MV for the track I Can Do It, which is a featured track for the Call for the Country OST. The MV is very simple, showing the boys dance and fool around while they record the song at the studio. The track itself is very uplifting and one can easily sing along after a few repeats. Prepare yourselves to U-Kiss here and U-Kiss there before you check it out below!

NichKhun, “When people tell me I’m pretty, it feels like an insult”

2PM NichKhun revealed that “When people say I’m pretty, to me, it’s an insult.”

NichKhun appeared on SBS “Strong Heart” and said, “I hate it when people tell me I’m pretty.”

This day, he said that his looks were feminine since he was little, and he revealed an episode where he got hurt because of his looks.

“Even now, if people tell me I’m pretty, it feels like an insult.” Saying this, he proceeded to prove that his face isn’t just pretty by showing off his silly and comical expressions, getting laughs.

S:asiae sookyeong

The Wonder Girls, “JYP tells us to wait 2 years until dating”

Girl group Wonder Girls are attracting attention because they have revealed that Park Jin Young keeps telling them to put off dating.

The Wonder Girls have participated in a recent recording of KBS2TV’s “Win Win.”

When the MC’s asked the Wonder Girls, “Don’t you want to date now?” they replied, “We want to date, but JYP told us to wait 3 years to date when we debuted. But when we promoted in the US, he told us to wait 2 more years.”

The Wonder Girls proceeded to complain in a cutesy manner, “How much more do we have to wait?”

At the question of “Is there something you want to do when you have a boyfriend?” Yeeun said, “I want to have couple rings with him, and leave his name on the ‘thanks to’ part of our album.”

Sohee said, “I would like it if when we come back to Korea after we finish an overseas performance, my boyfriend waits for me at the airport and welcomes me with a hug.”

On the other had, they provoked curiosity by saying that the Park Jin Young who told them to wait to date has introduced them to men.

S: MoneyToday StarNews & sookyeong

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u-kiss dance (sorry-sorry, fire, saturday night)

ternyata wajah mereka yag serius di lagu man man ha ni ternyata bisa gila kaya gini wkwkwkwk

source youtube, jinlin91, pancowo