33 members from girlgroups for Music Bank on 31st July – it’s showdown time! & MC Mong spends 30 million KRW on stage costumes

33 members from girlgroups for Music Bank on 31st July – it’s showdown time!

from sookyeong

It’s showdown time for the girlsgroups this summer on KBS 2TV on 31st July.

On Music Bank today, there will be a total of 38 female singers performing, and of these 38, 33 are from 6 different female girlgroups. All the hottest girlgroups have finally come together on one stage this summer.

The 6 girlgroups are So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, 4Minute, and also KARA with their comeback stage with ‘Wanna’ and ‘Mister’, and debut stage for group T-ara on Music Bank performing ‘Lies’.

We’ve been talking about the ‘war of girlgroups’ this whole summer, now it is really playing in front of our eyes!

from allkpop

As you all know, the summer of 2009 could easily earn the title “The Battle of Girl Groups” due to the many comebacks and debuts of the girl groups in the Korean music industry.

In today’s KBS 2TV “Music Bank,” that is to air in a matter of hours, will present to viewers a total of 38 female singers on stage. But if you just count the number of girls in girl groups, a mouth dropping number of 33 girls from 6 different girl groups will be performing on stage!

Korea’s representing girl group SNSD/Girls’ Generation (Taeyeon + Jessica + Sunny + Tiffany + Hyoyeon + Yuri + Sooyoung + YoonA + Seohyun = 9), best rookie girl group 2NE1 (CL + Dara + Bom + Minzy = 4), Brown Eyed Girls (Narsha + GaIn + Miryo + Jea = 4) and 4 Minute (Hyun Ah + Jihyun + Gayoon + Jiwon + Sohyun = 5) will be continuing their current promotions of their title songs, Total = 22. But of course, that’s not all.

Kara (Gyuri + Seungyeon + Nicole + Hara + Jiyoung = 5) will be making their first comeback stage for the title song “Wanna” from their comeback album “Revolution” as well. And new girl group T-ara/Tiara (Eunjung + Hyomin + Qri + Soyeon + Jiyeon + Boram = 6) will also be having their first MuBank performance. Total = 11

22 + 11 = 33! It’s going to be an exciting show!

it’s much more artist in there, i wanna to watch that……

——————————————————————————— 😦

    MC Mong spends 30 million KRW on stage costumes

Coming back with hit song ‘Indian Boy’, it has been known that MC Mong has put in much effort for his stage costumes.

He has personally went down to buy the stage costumes and picked the ccessories to go with them. His company siad, “MC Mong and his stylist have personally selected the stage costumes for his performances. He has spent over 30 million KRW on his own and also the dance team’s stage costumes.”

“On every performance, he has worn acessories to go with his stage costumes flown in from overseas. With this we can see MC Mong’s enthusiasm for his stage and concept.”

Not only so, it has been known that he has also personally helped out with the choreography to his ‘Indian Boy’ performance.

MC Mong, “Even though I go on TV much, performing on this stage I am very much more nervous. The reason being that this is the first album that I have worked on personally and put in much effort for.”

Meanwhile, MC Mong continues to promote the title song ‘Indian Boy’ off his comeback 5th album, which is currently flying off various online music charts.

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