super junior is back

finally super junior bask with the 3rd album

after they make sub group like super junior happy, super junior t( for japan), and super junior m ( for china), finally they back with 13 member complite
ee-tuk (leader)
hee chul (ciunderella)
han geng (rice fried beijing)
yesung (miracle boyz)
kang in (king kang in)
shin dong (shin dong dong)
sung min (the pink prince)
eun hyuk (mr. monkey)
dong hae (mr. fishy)
si won (the bodyguard)
ryeowook (the wanna be baby)
ki bum (mr smile)
kyu hyun (the magnae)

with the album 3rd “sorry,sorry”

i think i can pardon they for all they did 4 me………..(just kidding)

in this album they make change like
they change hair style ( i think they more adult)
they change the fashion style
and more

i think they must change name
super junior change be super adult

for super junior hwaiting
and sarang…………………

this new photo form the 3rd album


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