super junior

Super junior

Today, topic for this blog is my idol super junior

If you want to know about super junior you can open wikipedia free and key word super junior and you can open http://www.super

For today I will tell you why I become ever lasting friend’s a.k.a E.L.F (fans club super junior) or I like all the man
because they have good voice
good looking
interesting story life
many more

the member of super junior

Hee Chul
Kang In
Shin Dong
Sung Min
Eun Hyuk
Si Won
Dong Hae
Ryeo Wook
Ki Bum
Kyu Hyun

to be continued soon

I will give pic of the day and video of the day

i hope this clip will make you hangboek

    • starjunior
    • March 2nd, 2009

    ama yoss…gw baru gabung jadi E.L.F akhir november kemaren !! wkwkwkkw… selama ini kalo gw ngefans ama grup band ga pernah lebih dari 3 bulan…en Suju ini yang paling lama ! gw harap bisa seterusnya !! wkwkwk…mereka pantes dijadiin idola !

      • yossy
      • March 11th, 2009

      onnie gmn ngedaftar jadi elf?????????????????

    • Seseorang
    • November 13th, 2009

    .suju krennnnnnnnnnzzzzzzzz bdd…….

    • me_la
    • November 20th, 2009

    iyaa…..onni….. gmna cara daftar elf..??

  1. menurut aku suju tuh boy band yg palng komplit……pokok nya suju is the best

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