super junior is the best

this is about music super junior.

the 13 boys wiil make new album in march 12 2009 with the title album 13eyond you’re imagine

for today i will give the video marry u (japan version) and miracle

this video minus ki bum

this is old song from super junior 05 (12 member without kyuhyun) before change name become super junior .

enjoy the video

    • starjunior
    • March 2nd, 2009

    wah yos….blog lu pake inggris yoo !!!! wkwkwkwk…tadinya gw mau pake inggris…cuma inggris gw parah…jadinya batal deh ! thx lo dah mampir ke blog gw….
    gw harap di kibum ntar banyak dapet porsi….! gw demen banget ama dia..apalagi liat senyumnya !!! american jumong !

  1. Umm… ternyata blog baru yah?!
    Salam kenal.

  2. Yos…. lu bakal pre-order album suju ga ?

    • yossy
    • March 4th, 2009

    yup, this my new blog

    sorry i make english because this blog for my homework too.

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